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work sheet,

n the office form used for a complete planning program for the completion of dental services.
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Errors are reported by category below, rather than a count of errors per worksheet.
Some children receive a positive remark on their worksheet, thus telling them that they are "good" at the topic and need not think further about the underlying learning.
The second Music Games for Every Month is intended for grades 1-6 and is divided by the month with two to three holiday themed worksheets each month.
The data in this section of the Evaluation Worksheet are referenced by the inference engine during its processing operations.
Cut the pie chart and paste it in the upper-left corner of the Dashboard worksheet.
The grower submitted a worksheet showing the detail arriving at the net sales price.
Automating these functions in the electronic worksheet not only saves time, it also provides a 100-percent reduction in calculation errors and eliminates time spent reviewing manual calculations.
The worksheets serve several instructional purposes.
When I initially pasted the data from the 20 studies into the Input worksheet and performed the analysis, the Results worksheet indicated that only 9 of the studies were included in the analysis.
The evaluation worksheet provides questions regarding authority and accuracy, advocacy and objectivity, and currency and coverage, to consider as students evaluate not only content, but also credibility of web pages (Grassian, 2000).
The first step I took with Marsha was helping her complete an expense worksheet.
If you do decide to combine some of the content into fewer worksheets, always separate the area for entering data from the rest of the worksheet.