workload unit

work·load u·nit

(WLU) (wŏrk'lōd yū'nit)
A unit of work used to calculate productivity (e.g., billable procedures or patient visits).
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ws]) describes the unit production time, that is, the amount of time that employee w requires to complete an additional workload unit after having completed [z.
With such development, the HKIA, in conjunction with and its business partners, is more aware than ever before of its 2010 pledge to reduce airport-wide carbon emissions by 25 per cent per workload unit by 2015 compared to 2008 levels.
This approach assigned a workload unit value to each test based on the methodology but was complex to implement and difficult to keep current with rapidly changing technology.
We devised a "workload unit" system in which each faculty member would be expected to carry 12 workload units (WU) per semester (2).
Identify appropriate benchmarks from profitable organizations for each organizational function in terms of paid hours per workload unit.
The patient totals for each of these three types of weighted workload unit scale are used within each hospital as grouping or classification variables to indicate hospital output.
AA has pledged with 40 business partners to reduce the carbon footprint of the airport by 25 per cent per workload unit by 2015.
The Hong Kong Airport Authority (AA) and more than 40 business partners have announced a plan to cut emissions by 25 per cent per workload unit, which is equal to one passenger or 100kg of cargo by 2015.
7 million); as a percentage of revenues cost of services decreased 400 basis points and per workload unit ("WLU") cost of services declined Ps.
In Canada, a workload unit is defined as the amount of work requiring 1 minute of time to complete.
640 CLOSE # I In line 610, the data elements in the file are apparent: CPT code, name of test, and workload unit value.
If a pathologist or a doctoral scientist performs any functions considered part of a CAP workload unit, then these hours should be counted.