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I was expecting a sort of Johnny Knoxville of literary sex before I read Working Stiff. But moments into it, I realized that Stoddard has written one of the best works of creative nonfiction since Joan Didion's Slouching Towards Bethlehem, and he should be very proud of himself.
40 Hour Man is an unusual style of graphic novel narrative, telling the true story of a working stiff's 30 years struggling with the minimum wage American dream, from being a mini golf lackey to going under with the Internet boom and bust and much more.
The moral of the story: If you're going to spend millions of dollars on the best lawyers, don't try to garner public sympathy by impersonating a working stiff. Here's hoping for Skilling's sake that nobody on that jury works in construction.
A self-described "working stiff," Pete Notti, technical director of oil inks for Ink Systems, has been working in the printing ink industry since he took on a part-time job during high school, painting shelves and doing odd jobs.
Throughout the 1980s, the stone staircase that rises to the parthenon-like art museum on the hill was familiar the world over from its cameo appearance in the string of Rocky movies starring Sylvester Stallone as the Philadelphia working stiff who gets a shot at the world heavyweight boxing championship title.
Any particular makes or models that have stood the test of time and would be good workhorses for something like this and yet be affordable enough that a working stiff could reasonably get one without a second mortgage?
Until then, I'm proud to be a working stiff who arrows his fair share of does.
Others may be starry-eyed enough to wait for true love, but poor women should marry to get their share of some working stiff's paycheck, goddamnit, just as most women did in the era of the feminine mystique.
They either cringe, they laugh, or they say, "Perfect!" To me it has three meanings: working stiff; the ways guys have been cheated by this society; and the fact that men are supposed to be stiff--that they have to show their armored self to the world all the time.
I wanted to ask her if, as she proclaimed on the Capital Gang, it wasn't speech ira working stiff spends $5 on a candidate while an executive spends $5,000 on party building, would she mind shutting up since her magazine enjoys afar higher circulation than those of us who write in the noncommercial sphere?
"This is just a case about a couple of unlicensed guns owned by a working stiff."
To succeed, Mills would have to become a "Bindle" or "working stiff." This meant taking whatever jobs he was offered and living wherever he could manage to find shelter.