working memory

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short-term memory

The capacity to recognise, recall and regurgitate small amounts of information (the 7 ±2 rule) shortly after its occurrence, which is divided into subsystems for verbal and visual information.

working memory

Short-term memory, see there.

working memory

The ability to store and use those facts and ideas necessary for performing immediate tasks.
See also: memory

Working memory

The memory system that relates to the task at hand and coordinates recall of memories necessary to complete it.
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Additionally, because this program was implemented as part of the regular curricular program each day, the school administration expected that all participants received working memory training.
And I began to realize more and more it was their working memory, and I think just in understanding more and working with schools and interviewing teachers and interviewing children and part of their different government-funded projects, one of the things that has come out is that working memory is different from IQ.
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