working memory

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short-term memory

The capacity to recognise, recall and regurgitate small amounts of information (the 7 ±2 rule) shortly after its occurrence, which is divided into subsystems for verbal and visual information.
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working memory

Short-term memory, see there.
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working memory

The ability to store and use those facts and ideas necessary for performing immediate tasks.
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Working memory

The memory system that relates to the task at hand and coordinates recall of memories necessary to complete it.
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In another experiment, Reinhart and Nguyen found that, by using the tACS technology to decouple key brain regions, they could temporarily muddle the working memory of young participants.
This study evaluated the effect of the spearmint extract on alertness, mood, and sleep, as well as working memory and spatial working memory.
In this study, sensory-motor coordination and working memory of a group of newly diagnosed hypothyroid males were assessed and their performance was compared to a group of age, education, and anthropometrically matched euthyroid, healthy males.
The effect of motor competence on working memory maintenance was examined by applying a MAN(C)OVA with group as between-subjects factor on behavioral performance (reaction time and accuracy).
Researchers have long regarded working memory as a ( gateway into long-term storage .
The reliability coefficient for the verbal working memory tests was .86 and for the visuo-spatial working memory test, it was .84 (Alloway, 2007).
Working memory capacity is commonly assessed by determining the number of items (i.e., letters, words, or sentences) that a person can keep in mind simultaneously for a short period of time.
Teachers may reduce the load upon the working memory of their students by simplifying the format and presentation of information in lessons, especially in learning areas involving reading comprehension and mathematics (Holmes & Gathercole, 2014).
Another meta-analysis including 189 fMRI experiments in healthy subjects during various working memory tasks showed a recruitment of the bilateral inferior frontal gyrus, left cerebellar lobule, and left ventral visual cortex in OWM, whereas, in SWM, there was a bilateral involvement of the posterior superior frontal gyrus, the superior parietal lobule, the precuneus, and the right inferior parietal cortex [38].
Because working memory (and thus attention) is not fixed, a rapidly evolving aspect of research has focused on remediating WM weaknesses.
Patients with diabetes also exhibited varying frontal brain deficits depending on the difficulty of the working memory tasks they were asked to perform.
My main research interest is in working memory, which is our ability to work with information.