working memory

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short-term memory

The capacity to recognise, recall and regurgitate small amounts of information (the 7 ±2 rule) shortly after its occurrence, which is divided into subsystems for verbal and visual information.
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working memory

Short-term memory, see there.
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working memory

The ability to store and use those facts and ideas necessary for performing immediate tasks.
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Working memory

The memory system that relates to the task at hand and coordinates recall of memories necessary to complete it.
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Many questions remain unanswered, Kareev says, such as whether people with particularly weak working memories notice that they jump to false conclusions about apparent regularities fairly often and become more cautious as a result.
"Recent research has shown that people with schizophrenia simply hold fewer items in their working memories, rather having an inability to disregard unimportant items, as previously thought.
Research suggests that individuals with good working memories tend to have better jobs and relationships.
The researchers' investigation revealed that the best sight-readers combined strong working memories with tens of thousands of hours of piano practice over several decades.