working end

working end,

n the section of an instrument that is used to accomplish the task for which the instrument is intended. A working end may be sharp (a blade) or dull (a nib).
References in classic literature ?
Raffles had the working end of his jimmy under the lid of a leathern jewel case.
We tend to take cuts at the working end of the stick instead of at the oversight and bureaucratic end of the stick.
The Posistop oil shear coupler brake from Force Control Industries (Cincinnati, OH) mounts to the working end of a standard C-face motor, eliminating the need for a special brake motor.
However, showing them the working end of an old fashioned birch will.
Tuck the working end back under the standing part where it lies beneath the crossover.
The components are used in both the handheld mechanisms for drive components, as well as articulation components for varying the direction of the working end of the device.
For blankets, Network Pressroom Cleaners' system includes a tool resembling the working end of a carpet cleaner, which Silver said also works on walls and other broad surfaces, applying the cleaner and vacuuming up the soiled residue.
When rushed, technicians may be tempted to use a brass rod to remove cavities and inserts without taking a few minutes to properly size the working end on a lathe.
At the working end, the reducer unit has a male quad-lead thread mount for attaching cutters without the need for an intermediate arbor.
Software engineers can use the same programming and debugging environment throughout the entire process, from the C model all the way to the working end product.
This is the working end of the season to get into Europe, and clubs like Newcastle, who are near the bottom, will be full of fight,'' Logan said.
Tony Knowles recently dedicated the remainder of his term to building up state efforts to develop Alaska's wealth of natural gas and said Alaskans can be on the working end of breaking ground to a natural gas pipeline in the next two years.