workers' compensation law

wor·kers' com·pen·sa·tion law

(wŏr'kĕrz kom'pĕn-sā'shŭn law)
A U.S. statute imposing liability on employers to pay benefits and furnish care to job-injured employees and to pay benefits to dependents of employees killed in the course of, and because of, their employment.
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For one, employers who become non-subscribers lose many common law protections afforded them under the workers' compensation law and, as a result, may be subject to tort liability for damages for personal injuries or death suffered by an employee in the course of his or her employment.
Medical Fee Review is procedure in Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation law to review the amount and timeliness of a payment of a work-related medical expense.
Both are more narrowly focused than the 11th Circuit case on specific parts of the workers' compensation law, although both ask the court to invalidate the law.
(5) Randy Ellis "Oklahoma Supreme Court upholds new workers' compensation law" The dissents written by three judges portend future challenges when the administrative rules are adopted. compensation-law/article/3915151 (accessed 2/27/14)
In many states once a claim is filed, the claimant establishes, by operation of law, the fact that for the next ten (in some states) years if there is any disability which can be directly attributed to having been caused by the injury, the disability would be compensable under Workers' Compensation law. So too, the costs of any and all necessary medical care and treatment would be covered under Workers' Compensation.
The enforcement provisions of the Federal law, which grant private individuals the right to sue for damages, "in no way intimate that the availability of that right is affected by state workers' compensation law.1121 In his opinion, if Congress had wanted to limit Federal remedies to cases in which State workers' compensation coverage is inadequate, it would have included such a limitation in the enforcement provisions of the Federal law, where private lawsuits are authorized.
For the majority of her career, she has devoted herself to the practice of workers' compensation law. She has defended employers, insurance companies, and self-insured entities.
Attorney Mark Zientz, who brought the case before Judge Cueto, also noted the Supreme Court appeals involve challenges to limited sections of the workers' compensation law (although they ask that the statute be found unconstitutional), while the 11th Circuit case challenges the entire law.
At a later workers' compensation hearing, SIF argued Howard was ineligible for benefits because his insurance fraud conviction established a violation of Workers' Compensation Law section 114-a, which disqualifies a claimant who "knowingly makes false statements or representations as to material fact" to obtain benefits.
Workers' compensation law means the workers or workmen's compensation law and occupational disease law of each state or territory named in Item 3.A.
He has handled workers' compensation cases since passing the bar in 1999 and is one of the few attorneys in Pennsylvania who dedicates 100% of his practice to the representation of injured workers under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Law. Cardamone has been named a Pennsylvania Workers' Comp Super Lawyer six times, is rated Superb by Avvo Legal Ratings, and was selected as Top 40 under 40 in the nation by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys.
"Volatile" and "workers' compensation law" might not be terms many lawyers associate with each other, but officials of the Bar's Workers' Compensation Section say that two cases pending at the Florida Supreme Court have the potential to shake up the system.
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