work stroke

work stroke,

n stroke used for removal of calculus or to reshape an overhanging margin.
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5) in order the exhaust valve of the first engine cylinder 4 would be opened just after the beginning of the cylinder work stroke ("work") using the lever 3.
Investigation of compression of the ICE during work strokes
To assess the efficiency of ICE, pressure has been measured during the work strokes.
The analysis of these data makes it possible to conclude that compression of the first cylinder of the ICE in work strokes is the smallest of all cylinders.
This lets Festo speed up the work stroke and slow down the piston as it returns to the end position without mechanical shock absorbers, which are susceptible to wear.
The work stroke is pulling the unit toward the operator; the cleaning stroke is pushing the unit away.
Being supported from above and driven from below, the tool is then able to make the work strokes, allowing improved rigidity and accuracy.