work sheet

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work sheet,

n the office form used for a complete planning program for the completion of dental services.
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The business income work sheet is a tool for the insured to assess its business interruption values when determining necessary coverage.
Work Sheets: Distribute one of the two reproducible work sheet options (details below).
This is assumed but not stated in the 1988 work sheet.
Contractor is to provide construction services to PNNL to move and install a JEMARM300F Microscope from storage in the basement to room 97 of the RPL and a FEIQuanta Scanning Electron Microscope from room 327A to room 95 of the RPL and set in place in accordance with SOW-003 R0 and the attached PNNL Drawings, Work Sheets and Specifications.
All prior report files & completed work sheets available for review.
The volunteers who will spend time in schools will use a combination of puzzles and work sheets to get the message across.
The accompanying CD-ROM contains clinical simulation test questions, work sheets, and two interactive practice examinations.
More than 20 sample plans from a wide variety of libraries are presented, and all of the templates and work sheets are reproduced on the companion CD-ROM.
He also locked her in his home, and at one stage stole her work sheets from her car the court heard.
It also includes discussion of trial preparation, testimony, written opinions, and instructions regarding the measurement of writing and offers work sheets that can be used as presented or adapted by individual examiners.
Discovery already has included more than 1 million e-mails and other documents, including billing records and work sheets.
Work sheets and related backup documents for tax returns