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Paul, U.S. cardiologist, 1907-1962. See: Wood units.


Robert, U.S. physicist, 1868-1955. See: Wood glass, Wood lamp, Wood light.


(origin unknown).
Romberg-Wood syndrome - see under Romberg, E


n one of the five phases, or elements, in Chinese cosmologic and medical theory, the characteristic manifestations of which include anger, assertiveness, competition, conflict, creativity, frustration, and leadership.
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We also do restoration work on woodwinds, which need pads replaced every 4-7 years.
Woodwind knew that whatever had happened at Democratic Party headquarters, the President's fingerprints couldn't have been on it.
The effect of the player's vocal tract on woodwind instrument tone.
Although chapter 2, "Embouchure Techniques," is intended as general information on the manner of playing early woodwinds, it can profitably be read independently of the idea of reed-making to help players critique and improve their performances.
Although they work independently, both researchers hope their findings will improve the lives of woodwind players in several ways: by finding methods to grow better-quality cane for making reeds, by helping musicians identify and preserve good reeds, and by spurring the development of improved substitute materials.
Quantity or scope: Acquisition of woodwind instruments for municipal conservatories of the City of Paris and the Regional Radiation Conservatory (CRR)
The Camerata Woodwind Quintet was a central part of Roger's work at Western Illinois University, where he also served as horn professor, taught a variety of classes, and for a time also conducted the University Symphony Orchestra.
Desolate woodwind combined with discordant harmonies made for a dramatic but tense performance.
Word History: The oboe, the English horn, and the bassoon belong to the same group of woodwind instruments.
Project developer Annie Spiers said: "Learning a woodwind or brass instrument can help with a problem otherwise quite debilitating.
Same goes for Simon Walton's Playing The Flute, Recorder And Other Woodwind (1032799583), which follows the same organization in presenting step-by-step coverage of mastering the basics of playing.