wood vinegar

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wood vin·e·gar

impure acetic acid produced by the destructive distillation of pine tar and wood.
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The post emergence herbicides were Azimsulfuron+cafenstrole (AC), Mefenacet+pyrazosulfuron-ethyl (MPE) and Betazone+cyhalofop-butyl (BCB) and the pyroligneous acids included rice vinegar (RV) and wood vinegar (WV).
Mixing 50% RR of herbicides with rice vinegar or wood vinegar at 500A- can effectively control the weeds in paddy rice such as E.
Effect of the solution of wood vinegar on yield and nitrogen-utilization of rice.
Wood vinegar is made from burning fresh wood in a charcoal kiln (or Iwate kiln).
The raw wood vinegar was leave for 3 months to become silted.
Then the wood vinegar after standing method was poured through the charcoal.
Wood vinegar is a liquid byproduct obtained from the carbonisation process by cooling the smoke emissions with air or water.
This liquid contains volatile substances emitted through pyrolysis; the water-soluble fraction is wood vinegar and the oily fraction is wood tar.
Concentrated wood vinegar with high acidity can kill microorganisms, plants, and some larvae, but the diluted form stimulates rooting, plant growth, and microbial propagation.
Wood vinegar (Vital Force L[R]) used in the present study was obtained from Kangwon Mogcho Industrial Co.
1, linear and quadratic contrasts were used to compare effects of increasing dietary wood vinegar levels.
Meanwhile, when tested in the field, results found that EPN is effective if partnered with wood vinegar.For organic fertilization, EPN is effective if combined with composted cow manure.