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Doth this happen, because with women nothing is impossible?
The dangers to which we are exposed from our Women must now be manifest to the meanest capacity in Spaceland.
Old women, such as I, starve and shiver, or accept the pauper's dole and the pauper's shroud.
The part of the men has been played out, and now properly enough comes the turn of the women.
It's no part of my duty to see all the old women in the house die, and I won't--that's more.
The room rang with the shrill voices of women bubbling o'er with drink-laughter.
Likewise beautiful women have always been a law unto themselves.
He recalled the murder of King by the rat-faced Snipes; the abandonment of Professor Porter and his party by the mutineers of the ARROW; the cruelty of the black warriors and women of Mbonga to their captives; the petty jealousies of the civil and military officers of the West Coast colony that had afforded him his first introduction to the civilized world.
And now, known as the King of the Klondike, carrying several other royal titles, such as Eldorado King, Bonanza King, the Lumber Baron, and the Prince of the Stampeders, not to omit the proudest appellation of all, namely, the Father of the Sourdoughs, he was more afraid of women than ever.
The law expressly forbids the attendance at such meetings of women, children, and idiots.
On the other hand, as the market ran very unhappily on the men's side, I found the women had lost the privilege of saying No; that it was a favour now for a woman to have the Question asked, and if any young lady had so much arrogance as to counterfeit a negative, she never had the opportunity given her of denying twice, much less of recovering that false step, and accepting what she had but seemed to decline.
Without a blush, men made their way in the world by the means of women blushing.