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A., 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Wolf-Orton bodies.
A regional term for PCP


a wild member of the family Canidae. A brownish-gray dog which resembles a German Shepherd dog with a long nose and a bushy tail, noted for its ferocity as a hunter of game. Called also Canis lupus, other species Canis rufus (red wolf).

wolf teeth
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Is there someone around you who is a wolf in sheep's clothing and is not to be trusted?
The only problem is that an interloper, a wolf in sheep's clothing, has other ideas that are not nearly as amusing.
When a wolf in sheep's clothing of course) tries to infiltrate the flock, the sheep make every effort to keep their shepherd awake and counting, so he'll realize that there is an extra animal in their midst.
It's a wolf in sheep's clothing," said transsexual author and activist Jamison Green.
But the version standing haughtily at the kerbside was the Bora Sport TDI 130bhp, which is a wolf in sheep's clothing.