without prejudice

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without prejudice,

n by invoking this statement, a party is asking for assurances from the other party that the information provided by them will not be used against them to their disadvantage.
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In early 2016, George was looking for the perfect single to launch the highly anticipated reissue of Listen Without Prejudice Vol.
Without prejudice communication is not however recognised or referred to before the UAE local courts.
According to Plant and Devine (1998), people may be motivated to respond without prejudice for internal (personal) reasons or for external (normative) reasons.
Worcester, charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery, dismissed without prejudice.
Lease renewal negotiations should be undertaken on a without prejudice basis, so that the parties maintain flexibility in being able to trade one point for another.
Whether that dismissal is with or without prejudice is significant as to whether the plaintiff may file a new action, but either way, the order is ready to be appealed.
As you can tell already, that's blown this apart and we are now into a short-list consisting of Castles In The Air, Big Noise, Akhenaten, Seek N' Destroy and Without Prejudice.
If there is fraud, it has to be investigated, but investigated fairly and without prejudice," Karzai said.
Suspension without prejudice is a neutral act that facilitates an investigation and does not imply any wrongdoing.
And added, for good measure, that "[t]he court should be slow to find exceptions to the without prejudice rule.
In addition, generally, a dismissal without prejudice is not a final appealable order, so long as a party may refile or amend a complaint.
Discussions held under the without prejudice rules are intended to allow the two sides to sound one another out to determine the best solution to a problem or dispute in the workplace," said Ms Dhindsa.