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A general term for the ‘equipment’—firearm, drugs, poison, rope, car and exhaust pipe or cooking gas—that a person with suicidal ideation plans to use for suicide completion
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"Stop borrowing and try to live within means? Oh, my, that's such a great piece of advice.
"Water and land scarcity, climate change and urbanisation will make excessive lifestyles extinct not only out of necessity, but a collective outlook on living within means."
"I never overstretch," said Mark, "and I ensure we expand within means, but if there's an opportunity then we go for it knowing we can.
The county should "live within means by re-establishing service priorities."
But Whitbread's policy of promoting from within means that several of those who started in lowly positions in the early days went on to become licensees in their own right.
The rulers and the ruled both lived within means. Life was straight and simple.
Rules of the Election Commission of Pakistan and their application like most laws in the Country fail to find effective enforcement; the major flaws continuing to be its inability to enforce and cap electioneering expenditure limits for candidates besides being unable to gauge truthfulness, honesty and livelihood within means of contestants, over which despite a cut-off date which is passed with barely ten days to the polling exercise, objections are still being entertained, placing the contestants in a limbo.