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Child psychiatry Behavior characterized by ↓ interest in or contact with other people; WBs include ↓ speech, regression to babyhood, exhibition of many fears, depression, refusing contact with other people
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Patient discussion about withdrawing

Q. ALCOHOL WITHDRAWAL what are the symtoms of it?

A. thank you dagmar--i hope this answer will help people to understand what this drug can do to you---peace---mrfoot56

Q. I may be healthier now, but miserable… I’ve not been smoking for a whole month (my longest period in the last decade), and I do feel a bit better physically, but it seems that I lost the joy of life – I don’t go out with my friends any more (because they’re all smokers), I envy other smokers, and generally I feel nervous and dull. Will it be like that forever or is there hope?

A. Well, try to think about what are you missing? The foul smell? The yellow teeth? The feeling of suffocating next morning? Whenever you feel longing to cigarettes, try to think again why you stopped smoking- and it’d help you to keep with it.

More discussions about withdrawing
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In their missive to the CBC, after congratulating Herodotou on his recent appointment, the bondholders cited various reasons for withdrawing the lawsuits.
He claimed that Cheong, who has since been suspended from work, did not consult the department before withdrawing the police report.
BEIRUT: MP Nabil Nicolas said Tuesday that he was withdrawing his candidacy for re-election in a Maronite seat in his home district of Metn.
Withdrawing security for the opposition just makes government look petty.
Borrowing money to pay your living expenses in retirement, however, isn't as easy, so think long and hard before withdrawing from an IRA for non-retirement purposes.
Sudheeran said that the government ought to "ensure caution and due examination to guarantee that norms are adhered to while withdrawing cases".
THE Centre on Monday introduced a judicial reform bill in the Lok Sabha to amend the Constitution and set up a sixmember panel for appointment of Supreme Court and High Court judges after withdrawing it from the Upper House.
But he was caught on CCTV withdrawing money from Lloyd's Bank in Ellesmere Port, Mold and Buckley.
Bulgaria begins withdrawing its contingent in Afghanistan on March 1, 2013.
KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: State of Law MP Ali Kurdi declared that "withdrawing confidence from Premier Nouri al-Maliki was for interests' reasons with the aim of hindering the political process towards the unknown".
A MAN accused of withdrawing money from his friend's account was acquitted yesterday, after the victim testified that he actually gave the defendant his ATM card to take out cash.
"It can be lengthy and costly to take reports to the council's Cabinet and withdrawing the petition will speed up the process of making the changes she has requested.