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Drug slang A regional street term for various drugs—e.g., heroin; cocaine
Paranormal A shaman in the Middle Ages who peddled cures, spells, hexes
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As adults they devote every waking minute to hunting down witches with their ingenious homemade weapons.
On Tuesday the castle is trying to get as many people - young and old - dressed as witches together in the central courtyard.
Piercing shrieks and cackles could be heard throughout the site as witches practised their routines.
Daniel Medley, from Wookey Hole, said: "We are expecting hundreds of male, female and trans-gender witches all in full witchy regalia competing for the 50k job opportunity in a X Factor style audition.
And now he's the illusions director for the Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company's production of The Witches.
It is also surprising that the description given by the accused witches of their flights closely resemble one another.
Stephens' primary interest, however, is less in the alleged activities of witches per se than in the metaphysical consequences vested in them by the clerics who made them the lynchpin of demonological theory.
"It were better that 10 suspected witches should escape than that 1 innocent person should be condemned," he said.
When the big day arrives, the Witches' Executive Committee can't decide how to classify her.
While the traditional belief in malevolent (as opposed to diabolical) witches survived among the peasants, the change began a more fundamental paradigm shift that set the basic framework for educated understanding of witchcraft down to today.
Last year, she and her ex-girlfriend were involved in an altercation with Blood Witches that no one else knows about--and they barely escaped with their lives.