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Drug slang A regional street term for various drugs—e.g., heroin; cocaine
Paranormal A shaman in the Middle Ages who peddled cures, spells, hexes
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The Witchery is perhaps Scotland's most famous restaurant, nestled in just below the gates of Edinburgh Castle.
War breeds witchery. Witchcraft involves much more than individual "witches" and their victims.
blood dripping into my face, this witchery as if a raven has flown
Tegan left school to become a full-time hairdresser apprentice at Pandora's Hair Witchery and has been living in Sydney for her modelling career.
I had reserved a dinner table at the award-winning Witchery, a short walk from our hotel.
Customs said that such hauls are not unusual, with 92 "witchery" seizures in 2011 and 16 between January and March this year.
"The practices of witchery and sorcery are a dangerous phenomenon threatening the security of the community.
Texas Gothic has a couple of older teen sisters, from a family with the female line steeped in witchery, looking after their aunt's ranch.
The 21-year-old Australian model has fronted the campaigns for names likeTony Bianco, Cue, Witchery, Ksubi Eyewear and many more.
19 May 2011 - JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM) and Macquarie (ASX:MQG) will handle the listing of Australian fashion retailers Witchery and Mimco, owned by UK private equity firm Gresham, the Australian Financial Review reported today.
The apprehensions of the simple rural folk eventually cause them to storm the inventor's workshop in an effort to avenge perceived witchery. Nebogipfel escapes with one other person, the sympathetic Reverend Elijah Ulysses Cook, in what is later revealed to be a time machine.
If this picture book has the got the answer, the result is pure mayhem, at least within a witchery world.