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traditional healer

A person in a primitive society who uses long-established methods passed down from one healer to another to treat a person suffering from various illnesses, many of which have psychological underpinnings. Methods used by traditional healers include the use of roots, fetish dolls, voodoo dolls, and the smoking out of a possessing spirit or spell.
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"The government has launched a crackdown on witch doctors and traditional healers who are responsible for orchestrating attacks against persons with albinism.
Police believe parts of the bodies of 11 murdered and mutiliated albino men, women and children were smuggled across the border into Tanzania and sold to witch doctors, who claim albinos' flesh brings luck in love, life and business.
And as Csaba cranked himself up for Saturday's Tynecastle tussle he laughed: "The witch doctors are part of the culture over there.
Andy Wraith, a dentist with no time for herself, lives with the Indonesian Mentawai tribe - a group who sharpen their teeth and are controlled by witch doctors. Last in series.
Medicine has advanced greatly over the years and is much improved since the days of magic and witch doctors. Medical care is now divided into different specialties because of the vast amount of knowledge needed to deal with them.
Captain Williams believed that all the witch doctors in Africa would stand, at a given time, on their hillocks, and exchange news.
Expect 'voodoo acrobats, witch doctors, a pickled person, demon dwarfs and flying vampires, plus devil-driven rock 'n' roll from the Interceptors From Hell'.
COMPLAINTS about spiritual healers and witch doctors are on the rise, Birmingham trading standards warned.
But Andrew Bainbridge has travelled 4,000 miles for an appointment with a difference - with some traditional African witch doctors.
WITCH doctors who claim to cure cancer backed down yesterday after the Daily Record exposed their profiteering lies.
The topics include witchcraft, witch doctors, and the fight against superstition in 19th-century Germany; mid-Victorian stories and beliefs about the witch and the detective; and witchcraft, healing, and vernacular magic in Italy.
In comments that are sure to anger the Catholic Church, the outspoken rock star also said that witch doctors are no different to parish priests in Ireland.