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The season which spans from the Winter Soltice (around December 21) to the Vernal Equinox (around March 21)
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Because it is rich in food resources, Poyang Lake is suitable habitat, attracting approximately 500,000 water birds during the wintering period each year (Shao et al., 2014c).
In the middle wintering stage, PYH and NJ were both surveyed six times, DC was surveyed four times, PY was surveyed three times, and YY was surveyed once.
The male ratio showed a tendency of initially increasing and later decreasing throughout the wintering period, and extremely significant differences were in different stages (Pless than 0.001).
Table I.- Sex ratios of 4 dabbling duck species wintering at Poyang Lake during 2012 to 2014.
(Anas crecca)###Middle wintering stage###361###60.66%
Falcated duck###Early wintering stage###335###40.60%
A comprehensive retrospective analysis of HPAI H5N1 virus spread in the western Palearctic would require a better description of the dynamic distribution of wild birds (breeding range, wintering sites, stopover sites, migration pathways) as well as more detailed domestic poultry data (distribution, production structure, species composition, movements through trade) to map the contact points between wild and domestic birds.
Circulation of influenza viruses in wild waterfowl wintering in Italy during the 1993-99 period: evidence of virus shedding and seroconversion in wild ducks.