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The season which spans from the Winter Soltice (around December 21) to the Vernal Equinox (around March 21)
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The plural in the title of Caroline Winterer's new book, American Enlightenments, announces in effect that she is prepared to outdo even the most avid splitter.
(81) The Earl later bought two horses from one of the hunters, Eneas "Oneanti," who was likely Eneas Atiatonente ("Onente"), a Kahnawake man hired along with twenty-six others by the HBC in the winter of 1820-1821 to work for three years as a winterer and middleman.
Also, the NWC had a tradition of feeding the native families of veteran winterers when necessary and also of offering them free passage on their canoes when needed.
The strong easterly current was apparent during our surveys of the area in 1995 and 1998 from the drift of icebergs released by calving glaciers of "Ice Cape." A similar field of icebergs probably forced the winterers to seek refuge ashore, and it may have been depicted in the map of northern Novaya Zemlya (Fig.
BARRY MCCARTHY watched a chiff chaff at Marshside last Sunday - a winterer or early summer migrant?
Many British woods are devoid of many native birds (nesters, winterers, etc) because pheasants have an absurd priority.