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The season which spans from the Winter Soltice (around December 21) to the Vernal Equinox (around March 21)
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Winterer finds this pleasing myth insupportable once one takes the trouble to understand the language, thought processes, and aspirations of those 18th-century people as they understood themselves.
The Earl later bought two horses from one of the hunters, Eneas "Oneanti," who was likely Eneas Atiatonente ("Onente"), a Kahnawake man hired along with twenty-six others by the HBC in the winter of 1820-1821 to work for three years as a winterer and middleman.
Also, the NWC had a tradition of feeding the native families of veteran winterers when necessary and also of offering them free passage on their canoes when needed.
A similar field of icebergs probably forced the winterers to seek refuge ashore, and it may have been depicted in the map of northern Novaya Zemlya (Fig.
BARRY MCCARTHY watched a chiff chaff at Marshside last Sunday - a winterer or early summer migrant?
They will be followed by scientists, technical staff and a new batch of winterers.
The ghosts of winterers past stare down at us from the dining room walls.
Dr Lillian Ng, who is this year's wintering doctor, was telling me that Halley winterers are an ideal group to experiment on.