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The season which spans from the Winter Soltice (around December 21) to the Vernal Equinox (around March 21)
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WINTERER ESCHEWS USING 20TH-CENTURY concepts that hinder our seeing "the complex and contradictory processes of enlightenment that were in fact at work.
Michel Tarantaroga, 23, and Thomas Atariatcha, 18, both of Kahnawake, signed HBC contracts in 1850 in front of Montreal notary Joseph Dubreuil to work for three years as canoemen and winterers.
They also began to devote more attention to Greek as compared with Latin, as cultural historian Caroline Winterer notes in her elegant book The Culture of Classicism (2001).
Accordingly he was engaged as a Company servant and sent inland as a winterer.
2) See Keeney, Montgomery, Struik, Tolley, Shteir, and Winterer.
Thomas spokesman Jim Winterer, explained why the 14-year annual event was cancelled.
We thank Diane Campbell, Martin Kelly, Peter Kotanen, Colin Purrington, Irene Shonle, Nick Waser, and Juliete Winterer for helpful comments on the manuscript.
Does the individual, as a result of hereditary and environmental factors (Golub, 1983; Winterer, Cutler, & Loriaux, 1984; Hoff et al.
I am grateful to colleagues and friends who read and commented on earlier drafts of this paper, including Laura Ahearn, Martin Pernick, James Turner, and Caroline Winterer.
Previously, says Edward Winterer, one co-author at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif.