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Internal injury with no surface lesion, caused by collision with the pressure of compressed air or with an object propelled by compressed air.
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Caption: While elevation and windage turrets are capped on the Nitro line, the scopes do come with a parallax adjustment knob.
With SFP scopes, you must remember specific power settings at different distances to compensate for bullet drop or windage drift.
The easiest problem to fix is when a revolver fires to the proper spot for windage but shoots low with the load of choice.
It was dovetailed to the semi-auto's slide and so at least moveable for windage. A tiny nub of a front sight was staked to the barrel.
At the range the windage and elevation controls tracked consistently.
Windage zero could be verified by counting clicks from one end of the adjustment range but most shooters painted lines on the sight base and receiver as a quick reference to verify their no wind zero.
With a single-action revolver with fixed sights the easiest way to adjust for windage is to turn the barrel right or left (in or out) to cant the front sight one way or the other slightly.
Optics uses knobs for windage, parallax adjustment and illumination.
The sight has precision-click, micro-adjust windage and a tool-less yardage and windage lock.
I find it extremely difficult to make a windage adjustment to the rear sight.