Wild Card

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Any unpredictable factor or unknown in a data set or series of domains
Informatics An alphanumeric keyboard character—e.g., asterisk—which can stand for any character, a wide range of characters, no character, or a question mark
Sports medicine A playoff slot for a person or team that didn’t qualify for the playoffs during regular season
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"But they were announcing the wildcards today and didn't want to wait.
Initial consideration is being satisfied by way of a working capital injection into wildcard of EUR 234,000, paid in cash.
"Her suspension under the terms of the tennis anti-doping program was completed and therefore was not one of the factors weighed in our wildcard selection process," Sport24 quoted the USTA as saying in a statement.
Are you surprised to learn that VLOOKUP can handle wildcards? Have you ever done a VLOOKUP where the lookup value might contain an asterisk or question mark as part of normal text and not intended to be used as a wildcard?
Summary: This year, the performance of all the wildcards has pleased the tournament organisers
Tait beat Burke in the final but two-time world champion Joe Miller of England hit the longest drive of the evening at 405 yards in his quarter-final win over wildcard Bobby Bradley before defeat to Tait in the semi.
Emma Harrabin from FarGo Village and James Przybek from Wildcard Strength and Conditioning.
Studio Wildcard announced and explained the delay in a (https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/community-crunch-98-gold-master-edition-r492/) blog post it published on the Ark Community Forums last weekend.
ALEX WARD, the world No.855, rubbed out PS12,000 worth of debt with his Wimbledon wildcard a year ago - and this year he might even make enough to invest in some driving lessons!
MARIA Sharapova has taken the decision on whether she should be given a wildcard to Wimbledon out of the tournament's hands by announcing she will compete in the qualifying rounds.
Two-time French Open champion Maria Sharapova has been denied a wildcard to this year's tournament.
Twice former champion Maria Sharapova was surprisingly denied a wildcard into the French Open on Tuesday — ending intense speculation about her place in the claycourt slam since she returned from a 15-month doping ban.