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wild type

adjective Referring to an organism or gene locus that predominates in natural or normal populations.
noun The normal condition of a whole organism (wild-type strain) or a particular mutation at a locus or site, which is indicated by a plus sign. The allele of a particular gene that confers the phenotype considered to be the "normal" type commonly found in natural populations. Because some DNA sequence polymorphisms do not produce different phenotypes, there can be multiple "wild-type" alleles of a gene.

Molecular biology
noun The naturally occurring phenotype of an organism; a strain of organism used as a standard reference with which to compare mutant derivatives.
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Pert. to the genotype or phenotype that predominates in a species in nature.
wild type
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We performed plaque-forming assay in vitro and compared viral plaques between wild-type and I529T MERS-CoV.
Administration of hydroprednisone significantly decreased IFN-a, TNF-a, IL-6, IL-13 , and IL-4 mRNA expression levels in wild-type asthmatic group ( P < 0.05), but not in GLCCI1 -/- asthmatic group (except for IFN-a and TNF-a, P < 0.05).
Myo3a mutant mice and wild-type mice were anesthetized using pentobarbital sodium and perfused with 4% PFA.
Initial clinical development of H3B-6545 will target breast cancer patients with wild-type and mutant ER?
We initially assessed the lower limit of detection of our assay by serial dilution of mutant cell line gDNA (initially measured at 160.4 Ng/[micro]L via a fluorospectrometer (Thermo Fisher), calculated to represent 47000 copies/[micro]L) into wild-type cell line gDNA (initially measured at 120.9 ng/uL, calculated to represent 35 000 copies/[micro]L).
In 2016, Mandel et al.10 analyzed their institutional data and found statistically significant improvement in median OS in patients with mutated IDH1 compared to wild-type IDH1 (83 versus 22 months; p < 0.0001).
In 6-month-old animals, wild-type and [CathA.sup.S190A] mice showed a parallel learning pattern but a different learning pace.
For induction of type 1 diabetic mouse model, 8-weekold male wild-type and Nrf2-KO mice were injected with multiple low-dose streptozotocin (Sigma-Aldrich, St.
The threshold of the wild-type MscS was constantly ~0.6 when the membrane (cytoplasmic) potential was scanned between -100 and +40 mV (Figure 2(b)).
elegans wild-type and mutant strains using CM-[H.sub.2]DCFDA, following a previously described method (22) with minor modifications.