n in herbal medicine, the practice of collecting medicinally beneficial plants directly from their natural habitat as opposed to cultivating them in a greenhouse or on a farm.
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When formulating, Zagorska chooses the purest organic, wild-crafted, ECOCERT certified, or natural ingredients available.
Whether sustainably wild-crafted or grown under strict protocols, I personally oversee this process from seed to our customers' shelves.
Good Herbs is a a direct selling company that uses organic or wild-crafted herbs in all of its natural herbal products.
Shoppers and vendors can find and sell items such as mukluks, ulus, jewelry, paintings, collectibles, clothing, accessories, wild-crafted skin products, and edible items, all Alaska-made.
They include lip balms, bar soaps, hand washes and lotions, body lotions, and raw and wild-crafted shea butters.
Check out an array of Oregon wines, artisan foods and wild-crafted products and services related to the truffle industry.
It's a carefully crafted mixture of organic and wild-crafted ingredients such as honey, lanolin, olive oil, marshmallow root, and myrrh.
Palo, a sponsor of the 2012 Artexpo Education Series, brews its natural vitality tea using a combination of 16 natural and wild-crafted roots and herbs, to provide sustained energy and balance sans chemicals or preservatives.
One step beyond organic is a growing interest in products made from wild-crafted or hand-harvested ingredients, which are seen as even more natural than organically farmed ingredients.
We create hand made, environmentally friendly bath products and wild-crafted teas, imparting the scents and healing properties of nature.
com, (888-729-9464) sells organic wild-crafted food, raw and vegan food, and health-related products, including goji berries, nut butters, organic olives, maca, bulk items, and gift and sampler packs.
Puerh tea comes from the leaves of old wild-crafted tea trees, known as "broad leaf tea," found in the cool, crisp, pristine Yunnan Mountains of southwestern China.