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(1) Acute Stroke Study.
(2) Auckland Stroke Study.

adjective Referring to the buttocks and anus.

noun The buttocks and anus.


see donkey.
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These studbooks include data on > 1800 kulan, 900 onager, 350 kiang, and 620 Somali wild ass individuals.
Nilgai, striped hyaena and wild ass were recorded only from Nagarparkar taluka.
Samet turns to the angel's prediction that Ishmael shall be a wild ass of a man (v.
The Asiatic wild ass Equus hemionus (called 'kulan' in the Kazakh language) became extinct in Kazakhstan at the end of the 1930s due to overhunting and competition from livestock (Heptner et al.
Freedom of expression must not de-generate into wild ass freedom" he stressed.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of A Range Office At Halvad In Halvad Range Of Wild Ass Sanctuary, Dhrangadhra
Similarly, every year, hundreds of dolphin, crocodile, bustard, rhinoceros, black buck, wild ass, wild dog, nilgiri langur (a type of monkey), red panda and lizards are poached and an estimated 700,000 birds are illegally trapped and about 70,000 of sharks are caught, yet the levels of exploitation on these species have been going unnoticed.
Among the attractions which have drawn visitors in this year was the arrival of a herd of Kiang - the largest of the wild ass species and indigenous to China.
In order to test these factors, the diurnal time budgets of the Asiatic wild ass was studied using the focal sampling method in Xinjiang Province (China) during 2007.
Established by Sheikh Saoud bin Mohamed bin Ali al-Thani in central Qatar, Al Wabra has earlier been credited for the stellar conservation work on the Spix's macaw, Beira antelope, Somali wild ass and the Birds of Paradise.
Which grammatical term describes a figure of Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 The Red Sea; 2 Geometry; 3 Oxymoron; 4 A wild ass found in central Asia; 5 Roger McGough, Adrian Henri and Brian Patten; 6 The Isle of Thanet; 7 1971; 8 Vogue; 9 The opium poppy; 10 Spain.
In the Indian state of Gujarat, thousands of poorly paid workers known as Agarias toil in the heat to produce huge amounts of salt on the flats of the Little Rann of Kutch, a marsh where the wildlife, notably the endangered Indian wild ass, is drawing increasing numbers of visitors.