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Wiener, Carolyn L.

a nursing theorist who, with Marylin J. Dodd, developed the Theory of Illness Trajectory, which involves not only the patient but the family and caregivers. The theory helps elucidate how patients and families tolerate the states of uncertainty caused by the illness and manage the illness.
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Yet despite sharing a lineage with Wiener, information theory has had far less impact in the less quantifiable biological, robotic, and physiological fields with which Wiener was primarily concerned.
Rauchgarnitur-Kassette, Wiener Werkstatte, 1906, Silber, Makassarholz, 8 x 16,1 x 9,1 cm / Silver box for smoking set, Wiener Werkstatte, 1906, silver, makassar wood, 8 x 16.
These are veal, pork and beef wieners slathered with mustard, covered in special meat sauce, topped with chopped onions and celery salt, and served in a steamed bun.
Wiener wrote Captors before the killing of Osama Bin Laden, but there are eerie echoes of that event in the story of Eichrnann's apprehension, and in the questions Wiener believes it raises.
The move is part of an effort by the Vienna exchange to facilitate the consolidation of data dissemination in central and eastern Europe, allowing data vending customers of Wiener Borse to obtain data from 11 markets via a single interface.
Wiener said relations between Turkey and the United States have always been important but now it is important more than ever.
Indeed, Wiener proposed publishing his portraits with selected Jeffers verses in The Beginning and the End and Other Poems (1963), published posthumously.
The Wiener Werksttte was then formed in 1903 by Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser, both founder members of the Secession, and the wealthy patron Fritz Waerndorfer, as a Viennese counterpart to the British Arts and Crafts movement.
Wiener shopped yard sales to get a large collection of pots for little money.
Hasselman said the victim had previously confronted Wiener, insisting that Wiener pay him a $100 reimbursement for repair work he completed after Wiener allegedly cut the brake lines on a vehicle belonging to Wiener's ex-girlfriend's new love.
It is being said that Wiener lost a whopping three million dollars.