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Cardiology Severe stenosis of the left anterior descending coronary artery, so named as occlusion thereof is classically associated with sudden death post acute MI
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An image of a widow-maker on an Abies amabilis, or Pacific Silver Fir.
A widow-maker sounds like our old killer on the loose, but this time caught and hanging from a tree in the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines.
If it has dead branches (widow-makers), you may decide not to cut it.
(The machines also have been described by some as "widow-makers.")
Until I began logging, I thought widow-makers were small boats, and I guess if you live on a large body of water, they are.
MP Barry Sheerman is right to call powerful motorbikes widow-makers and orphan-makers as he did in the House Of Commons last month.
They call those trees widow-makers because one hit and the tree will split and twist in a blink of an eye.
IN RESPONSE to F Taylor (Mailbag, April 9) helpfully reminding bikers that Barry Sheerman's views are his own, not the Labour Party's, I would point out that Mr Sheerman first talked about motorcyclists being 'widow-makers and orphan-makers' during a Parliamentary debate on March 18 this year.
Mr Sheerman's comments in Parliament calling motorcycles widow-makers and orphan-makers makes it appear only married men ride bike when, in reality, a large percentage of riders are women and single people.