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But the widow-makers. Tell me if they're found on pines.
Remnants of the belt-driven Widow-Maker can be found abandoned on farmsteads all over the country, although some have attained "collectible" status.
Bringing down a widow-maker was terrifying; my cotton mouth made spitting impossible, and my gritting teeth made my mouth appear overly large.
His horse, Widow-Maker, was raised on a special diet of nitroglycerin and barbed wire and killed everyone who rode him except Bill.
I like to take long, long sips." What is a woman that you forsake her, And the hearth-fire and the home-acre, To go with the old grey widow-maker? .
Once considered a widow-maker because of its propensity to maim its operator, in the 1960s, the chainsaw came into its own as a farm and ranch tool--still considered dangerous, but safe enough for the general public.
It was almost a widow-maker. The right-hander connected so sweetly that some of the sweat it smashed from Ruiz's face came through the telly and soaked me.
facilities had several big projects in town including "Cats & Dogs," "Black Hawk Down," "Hannibal," "K-19: The Widow-maker" and HBO's miniseries "Band of Brothers."
He is about to star with Liam Neeson in a new submarine thriller K-19: The Widow-maker. The film is set during the Cold War and based on a true story.
By the spring of 1966 the debacle over the widow-maker led to Panitzki's dismissal, and LGen Steinhoff became Inspector General of the Air Force.
And the number one culprit, the main widow-maker and creator of orphans, is the cigarette.
Underground shooting ranges to test sniper rifles and "widow-maker" AK-47s had been built in Scotstown, Co Monaghan.