widow's peak

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wid·ow's peak

(wid'ōz pēk), [MIM*194000]
A sharp point of hair growth in the midline of the anterior scalp margin, usually resulting from recession of hair of the temple areas, or occurring as a congenital configuration of scalp hair.
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When your hair has a point on the front, it's called a widow's peak.
Before performing this experiment in class, survey your parents to find out whether or not they have the following traits: attached earlobes, a widow's peak, and tongue-curling ability.
When we first see Martin, he's chisel-cheeked and sporting a flowing mane with a widow's peak, a trendy leather jacket and a pallid, heroin-chic complexion.
Other television appearances made by Adrian, who lives in North London, include Cracker, Pleasure, Force of Dury and Melissa, while his film credits include My Left Foot, The Crying Game, Widow's Peak, The Near Room and Richard III.
The fun revolves around a King, his Fool, an Alchemist, and two battered Crusaders who return to Prague with relics for sale -- the widow's peak of John The Baptist, a grape from the Last Supper, bird seed from the pocket of St.
A decade shy of his bus pass with a severe widow's peak and bookish demeanour you'd think Sven is hardly heartthrob material.
Nice cheekbones, sharp clothes and a widow's peak that doesn't evoke memories of Ray Reardon.
Since making his debut in Gone With the Wind sequel, Scarlett, Don Wycherly has appeared in the films Widow's Peak, Michael Collins and The General.
His first major part was in a film called Widow's Peak and he has worked his way up from there.
Natasha, daughter of actress Vanessa Redgrave, starred in the comedy, The Parent Trap, and has also been seen in Widow's Peak, a romantic mystery set in Ireland with Mia Farrow, as well as The Comfort of Strangers with Rupert Everett.
Lauren's face is heart-shaped which means a wider forehead and a slight widow's peak and a narrower chin.
The derivation of Scott Quinnell's aka is pretty obvious while Stephen Jones's widow's peak has a definite touch of Transylvania about it.