widow's peak

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wid·ow's peak

(wid'ōz pēk), [MIM*194000]
A sharp point of hair growth in the midline of the anterior scalp margin, usually resulting from recession of hair of the temple areas, or occurring as a congenital configuration of scalp hair.
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19) Satanic figures tend to be well-dressed and smooth talkers; in films, they often have widow's peak hairlines.
When your hair has a point on the front, it's called a widow's peak.
Before performing this experiment in class, survey your parents to find out whether or not they have the following traits: attached earlobes, a widow's peak, and tongue-curling ability.
They also moved her hairline back to give her a broader forehead and expose a fetching widow's peak.
The Batgirl provides an unnerving backdrop on Widow's Peak as harmonies mimic angels.
She did her own hair, pulling it back and gathering it into an artistically formed bun, and highlighting a widow's peak, an oval face and an olive complexion.
Decorate with whit black and red icing, making eyes, blood and a widow's peak.
The most common other satanic attributes are a) an ability to shape-shift and/or change appearance; (9) b) being physically and/or mentally superior to other humans; c) exhibiting an association with fire and torment; and d) appearing handsome and well-dressed, usually in black attire, and often with a widow's peak hairline.
The work will see Oreet and city hair salon Voodou For Him remake a small army of volunteers in the image of Ringo, transforming their own hair - cut short and reapplied to form the ex-Beatle's distinctive widow's peak, beard and moustache.
Reardon was a picture of elegance, always immaculate in his waistcoat and dickie bow - his dark widow's peak and grin earning him the nickname Dracula.
Herot her movies include Widow's Peak, The Parent Trap, with Lindsay Lohan, and Maid In Manhattan, with Jennifer Lopez.