wide range achievement test

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Wide Range Achievement Test

Psychometric testing A test that measures ability to read, write, and use arithmetic; results are matched with criteria for intelligence rating. See Intelligence quotient.
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wide range achievement test



A brief test that measures the ability of children to read, spell, and make arithmetic calculations.
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CLOX = clock drawing task; UFOV[R] = Useful Field of View; SES = socioeconomic status; WRAT-3 = Wide Range Achievement Test 3.
Relationship between the Wide Range Achievement Test and the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test.
Participation was dependent on reading ability at the fourth-grade level, as determined by the Wide Range Achievement Test reading subtest.
The tests were derived from the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test - Form M (Dunn & Dunn, 1981), the Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination (Goodglass & Kaplan, 1972), the Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests Form A (1973), and the Wide Range Achievement Test (Jastak & Jastak, 1978).
Another word-writing task to dictation was presented (spelling subtest from the Wide Range Achievement Test) in order to document further the absence of a writing disorder.
Most clients (N=33) were administered the Wide Range Achievement Test - Revised (Reading mean grade level = 6.44; Arithmetic mean grade level = 5.4).
Returnee average grade completed in school was the tenth (versus 10.73 for total group), Wide Range Achievement Test average reading score at the seventh grade (versus 6.44 for total group), and tested arithmetic at the fifth grade (versus 5.4 for total group).