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"Damn Private Dormer and you too!" said Bobby Wick, running the blotter over the half-finished letter.
"Wot's up?" asked twenty tents; and through twenty tents ran the answer - "Wick, 'e's down."
He and the Regimental Surgeon fought together with Death for the life of Bobby Wick. Their work was interrupted by a hairy apparition in a blue-gray dressing-gown, who stared in horror at the bed and cried - "Oh, my Gawd!
"Not going out this journey," whispered Bobby Wick gallantly, at the end of the third day.
Revere, his eyes red at the rims and his nose very white, went into Bobby's tent to write a letter to Papa Wick which should bow the white head of the ex-Commissioner of Chota-Buldana in the keenest sorrow of his life.
And that country, where the Winkies live, is ruled by the Wicked Witch of the West, who would make you her slave if you passed her way."
W.A.--Because He teaches and commands nothing but what is good, righteous, and holy, and tends to make us perfectly good, as well as perfectly happy; and because He forbids and commands us to avoid all that is wicked, that is evil in itself, or evil in its consequence.
They had several other discourses, it seems, after this; and particularly she made him promise that, since he confessed his own life had been a wicked, abominable course of provocations against God, that he would reform it, and not make God angry any more, lest He should make him dead, as she called it, and then she would be left alone, and never be taught to know this God better; and lest he should be miserable, as he had told her wicked men would be after death.
I called Will Atkins again, and asked him; but the poor fellow fell immediately into tears, and told us he had said something to her of all those things, but that he was himself so wicked a creature, and his own conscience so reproached him with his horrid, ungodly life, that he trembled at the apprehensions that her knowledge of him should lessen the attention she should give to those things, and make her rather contemn religion than receive it; but he was assured, he said, that her mind was so disposed to receive due impressions of all those things, and that if I would but discourse with her, she would make it appear to my satisfaction that my labour would not be lost upon her.
Moore in Support of Granting the Petition to Ban LeadCored Candle Wicks and Issuing an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, February 9, 2001.
When the candles burn, the wicks give off gas lead particles, which then settle on walls and in lungs.
Some candles made with metal wicks emit lead into the air when burned, finds a study by environmental chemist Jerome Nriagu of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, scheduled for publication in an upcoming issue of Science of the Total Environment.