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She said that the mosque employees called them 'whores, whores from hell'.
In March 2013, Atlanta-based Online Reputation Management firm PR Whores officially launched its company web site to target companies or "big wig" executives in need of improving their image on the internet.
In a familiar but apocryphal anecdote, Nell Gwyn called herself the king's Protestant whore.
Ann Bates, who is coordinating the show, said: "The hero is a womanising highwayman and the chorus are all whores and highwaymen, set against the world of high opera.
There is blackmail, a murderous priest, intrigue, whores and betrayal.
FROM their massive smash remixing Cream's Sunshine of My Love to Promised Land, Bomb the Terrace and Been a Long Time, The Hoxton Whores have always known the exact makings of a huge hit.
After receiving the texts, he said: "Thank you very much ladies, I shouldn't really say ladies - you all pee in the shower, you dirty whores.
While they no doubt know there is a commandment against killing, it is unlikely they are aware that the Bible declares the following shall be killed: he that curses his father and mother, witches, those who lie with beasts, worshipers of other gods, people who work on the Sabbath, adulterers, homosexuals, wizards, whores, blasphemers, stubborn and rebellious sons, and thieves.
and not even football whores itself as much as skating does.
He wrote a novel, Whores of Lost Atlantis, published in 1993 and reissued last year, and penned a hit Broadway play, The Tale of the Allergist's Wife, which opened in 2000.
Built into the memoir of a minor columnist who has contemplated writing a book called Memories of My Melancholy Whores are disquisitions on mortality--familiar from Love in the Time of Cholera--and the shape of a life that has not achieved anything significant.
On the basis of a few aberrations, Cavanaugh slanders all jurors as "a bunch of louts, nincompoops, and media whores who need to stop trusting their guts and start listening to people smarter than themselves.