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n completeness, indivisibility; a fundamental concept embraced by many healing systems that assert that all things are connected and that each is part of a singular whole. It is accepted that this singular whole is much greater than the total of all its elements. It is thought that any particular phenomena is only able to be comprehended in terms of the wholeness from which it derives.
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This essay offers a post-positivist realist theoretical reading of identity and its key role in the process of the search for wholeness in Sapphire's novel Push.
What was needed was some way to capture its wholeness and explore its force of attraction, its energy.
The wholeness of that live encounter is not based on an abstract concept but rather on a direct, pre-conceptual experience and realization of the purity of that experience, uncluttered by conceptual representations.
In other words, Franklin's legacy has been for me a challenge to articulate a Christian identity that embodies wholeness in a wounded way while moving forward in an ever more complicated and violent world--learning to walk with humility.
Jesus, in healing the leper and restoring him to wholeness, which is now expressed in the leper's life as right relationship with God, himself, society and his environment, exemplifies for us what it takes to bring total well being and wholeness to persons who lack it.
How does the idea of wholeness relate to interpretation?
Mary Jane, a master teacher, told us a story to facilitate our understanding of the concept of wholeness.
It is the irony of this story that the one who scared me witless to start was the very same who brought me peace, purpose, I daresay even wholeness.
What is at stake seems to matter (in both senses, as significance and as materiality) more than-or differently from-the ideals of aesthetic wholeness or of sexual fusion.
And since then, again and again it's been affirmed for me, the perfectness, the wholeness, the goodness of who I am.
First comes fatness and rejection, then a period of thin but self-indulgent revenge on the people who laughed at the former fatness, lastly an understanding that true self-worth resides not in appearance but in the love reflected back at perfection--Hollywood's version of wholeness.