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n completeness, indivisibility; a fundamental concept embraced by many healing systems that assert that all things are connected and that each is part of a singular whole. It is accepted that this singular whole is much greater than the total of all its elements. It is thought that any particular phenomena is only able to be comprehended in terms of the wholeness from which it derives.
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However, one's decision to teach most likely does not originate from this command but rather comes from a different source: the wholeness that lies deep within the potential of every teacher's life circumstances and conditions.
LATER HUNT EXTENDS the wholeness metaphor further and applies it to the feminist movement itself.
Did the experience make you therefore more sensitive to the beauty, harmony, and wholeness of the world and your participation in the life of the world?
As a reminder--after the expatriation of books from German collections, in Russia appeared a new book wholeness representing the books of all Europe, and not just those of a single country.
223) The images of manliness and of "whiteness" they encouraged were exclusionary and therefore he concludes we should try to "conceive of transformations in which freedom, wholeness and heroism are available to all," (p.
The psychological, sociological and physiological dimensions of health are integrated with the spiritual pursuit of harmony and wholeness.
Classical proportions also contribute to this sense of wholeness, as do Palermo's combinations of colors with similar qualities or intensities of light.
Her story, like Parker's, involves a gradual discovery of connections that make possible a kind of wholeness that does not eradicate the childhood pain, but makes some sense out of the losses.
An ideal gift for patients, colleagues, and health professionals who are struggling to cope with the stresses of life, it offers insight and encouragement for healing and wholeness.
It quiets the mind and opens the soul to a sense of wholeness and wellness.
Thus my own ministry and search for healing and wholeness was in the context of a culture of poverty and ignorance, factors which issue in ill health.