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The opposite of blacklisting, defined in the electronic age as the creation of a list of people or companies from whom a recipient will accept e-mail. Whitelisting filters out spam
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6) They can be oriented to individuals (as in the exemption from conscription certificates granted to men during the 1914-8 war if employed in an essential process by a firm mentioned in government whitelist), (7) companies (such as those who abided by government pay restraint policies in the 1970s (8)), matter (such the non-toxic valorisable waste materials that belonged on whitelists created under 1990 scrap metal regulations (9)), or territories (as in the gambling whitelist to be discussed below).
Significantly, the expansion of whitelist under Blair's New Labour government was explicitly condemned by several MPs and Lords as a tool in the administration of racialised immigration policy, and a number spoke of the 'r-word' and the 'race card' to explain why some countries remained on it despite well-documented human rights abuses.
Whitelist or IP access history-based DDoS defense approach has been investigated by other researchers.
We use a modified version of the whitelist proposed in [21] for our whitelist-based admission control mechanism.
Concretely, this implies figuring on the ICoCA whitelist or listing the company commitment to the ICoC among its COBBES commitments.
To do this, the section focuses on the imprint left by the three types of whitelist work just discussed (the staking out of regulatory space, the establishment of regulatory relations and the focus on potentiality).
The whitelist has been produced at the request of automakers to address the great variance observed in the behaviour of phones when operating within hands-free terminals (HFTs) installed in vehicles.
There are clear instructions of the Grey Traffic Monitoring Commitee that after the installation of Grey Traffic monitoring equipment, PTA had done the excessive audit of the whitelist of IPs.
Most whitelist filters will start by building themselves from e-mail addresses found in the user's existing mailbox and address book.
The freeware version of GFI MailEssentials 8 also includes a patented automatic whitelist management tool.
Rather than requiring parents and teachers to blacklist websites they would like blocked, ICE's whitelisting technology allows them to create their own lists of approved websites, in addition to utilizing ICE's pre-approved whitelists.