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Looking at the economic, political and social costs of white-collar crimes in Pakistan, these should be seriously considered by the criminal justice system of Pakistan, which unfortunately is not the case.
Of course, it would be preposterous to think about white-collar workers' mobilisation in Pakistan, where just about 2pc to 3pc of the blue-collar workforce is unionised, and the formation of industrial unions is hindered by weaknesses of a fragmented, divided labour.
A section of lawyers thinks the country can only become corruption-free when the same approach is adopted in all white-collar crimes cases.
Conservative advocates of white-collar crime reform point to an entirely different galaxy of examples to prove their case.
vengeance in white-collar cases because, at the behest of Congress, the
Today white-collar boxing is where men and woman, many without previous boxing experience, train for a specific fight.
White-Collar criminality is a phenomenon that has been associated with human life for ages.
It's complicated--much like white-collar crime is often complicated, the better to mask the crime--but the argument seems to boil down to whether sentencing guidelines linking prison time to the severity of financial losses is resulting in unjustly long jail terms.
Hear the panel's expert opinions and learn more about the recent developments in white-collar crimes.
of Cincinnati School of Criminal Justice) investigates differences in adaptations to federal imprisonment between those incarcerated for white-collar crimes and those imprisoned for non-white-collar offenses, focusing in particular on the relatively widespread notion that, because of differing class backgrounds, white-collar offenders have a more difficult time adjusting to imprisonment and life after imprisonment than those imprisoned for non-white-collar offenses.
-- While most of the world was pessimistic about local job market conditions in 2011, white-collar workers, men, and those with at least a secondary education were somewhat more hopeful than their blue-collar, female, and less educated counterparts.