white spot disease

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small lymphocytic lymphoma

a type of low-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma characterized by enlarged lymph nodes and other lymphoid tissue or bone marrow that are infiltrated by small lymphocytes. May be associated with features of chronic lymphocytic leukemia such as lymphocytosis, lymphadenopathy, and, in late stages, hepatosplenomegaly, anemia, and thrombocytopenia. Histology is identical between these two disease entities; it consists of predominantly small lymphocytes with condensed chromatin and round nuclei. Larger lymphocytes (prolymphocytes and paraimmunoblasts) with more prominent nucleoli and dispersed chromatin are always present, usually in clusters. Characteristic immunophenotype of these cells is CD5 and CD23 positivity, in addition to B-cell associated antigens CD19 and CD20. CD23 positivity is useful to distinguish this disease from mantle cell lymphoma, which does not express the antigen.
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Q. i have white spots on testicals

A. if i had white spots on my testicals,,i would be in sombodys emergency room right now....i suggest you get a dr......mrfoot56

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Farm shrimp (5-6 g) with symptoms of white spot disease were collected to obtain an inoculum in saline solution (2.5% NaCl) and a paste of macerated abdominal muscle and branchial lamella.
A critical review of susceptibility of crustaceans to Taura syndrome, Yellowhead disease and White Spot Disease and implications of inclusion of these diseases in European legislation.
"We started out exclusively in the frozen shrimp business, but after white spot disease struck other ways were found to survive and thrive by diversifying into finfish and calamari products," said Jorge Luis Verduga, general manager.
At that time there will be higher water temperatures and less risk of white spot disease, which hit the industry hard in 2000.
Suraphol noted that white spot disease struck Thailand in 1995 and reduced yields for several years to come.
White spot disease, attributed to pollution cost the shrimp farming industry about Rs.
After all the worries about white spot disease and protests from environmentalists over the conversion of coastal mangrove swamps into shrimp ponds, the Thai shrimp industry made a remarkable comeback last year.