white soft paraffin

white pe·tro·la·tum

petrolatum that has been decolorized for cosmesis by treatment with activated charcoal.
Synonym(s): white soft paraffin
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6 White soft paraffin 13.2% + Liquid paraffin 10.2% cream/lotion Tube/ Bottle 300
DESIGNED for 'problematic dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin', Cetraben contains a balance of light liquid paraffin, white soft paraffin and glycerine and promises to work in harmony with the skin.
Positive reactions were elicited by propranolol hydrochloride in 1% white soft paraffin (D4, 1+) and colophony (D4, 1+).
It contained clindamycin phosphate (1%), aloevera (10%), liquid paraffin (7%), white soft paraffin (5%).
The efficacy of local 1% hydrocortisone in white soft paraffin over placebo (white soft paraffin alone) in adults with PA has been described.
A product consisting of calcitriol as active ingredient, and liquid paraffin, white soft paraffin and alpha-tocopherol as carriers was authorised in the UK in December 2001.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Cream Kojic acid + Arbutin Niacinamide Kojiglommm (Kojivit Plus (Micro) Kojiglo Forte (Alkem)Cap Isotretinoin 20 mg (Isotane)Cream White Soft Paraffin +Light liquid paraffin 100 gm (Cutimax(Ipca)Olesoft Max (AUcem) Lozisoft (Canixa)
Tenders are invited for P.H.No:49137 Aloevera, Light Liquid Paraffin, White Soft Paraffin - Cream
Tenders are invited for White Soft Paraffin Cream 50 G Tube
White Soft Paraffin 5% + Aloe Vera Gel 10% + Liquid Paraffin Lotion of 50ml
Tenders are invited for Ph No.:49137 Aloevera, Light Liquid Paraffin, White Soft Paraffin - Cream