white petrolatum

white pe·tro·la·tum

petrolatum that has been decolorized for cosmesis by treatment with activated charcoal.
Synonym(s): white soft paraffin
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Petrolatum USP: Penreco produces numerous grades of high quality white petrolatum that complies with White Petrolatum USP requirements and FDA requirements as per 21 CFR 172.880.
Another patient had an adverse reaction after resurfacing because she did not follow instructions to apply white petrolatum to her chest following laser resurfacing, Dr.
The donor sites are closed primarily in layers, and white petrolatum ointment is applied to the wounds three times daily for 14 days.
After which, the mixed stearyl alcohol, white wax and white petrolatum for the absorption ointment base were melted at a heat not less than 75 C using a hot dish with water thermometer.
The products from GSK and Stiefel, a GSK company, which will be marketed through Renaissance's branded division Prestium Pharma, include Evoclin (clindamycin phosphate) Foam 1%; Extina (ketoconazole) Foam 2%; Luxiq (betamethasone valerate) Foam 0.12% ; Olux (clobetasol propionate) Foam 0.05% ; Olux-E (clobetasol propionate) Foam 0.05%; Vusion (miconazole nitrate 0.25%, zinc oxide 15% and white petrolatum 81.35%) Ointment; Zovirax (acyclovir) capsules; Zovirax (acyclovir) tablets and Zovirax (acyclovir) suspension.
Symptomatic treatment of pityriasis rosea is generally adequate, and includes topical emollients, such as white petrolatum or midpotency steroid creams and antihistamines for pruritus (6) (strength of recommendation [SOR]: A).
Randomization was used to assign one topical agent (5% vitamin K, 1% vitamin K and 0 3% retinol, 20% arnica, or white petrolatum) to exactly one bruise per subject, which was then treated under occlusion twice a day for 2 weeks.
Petroleum jelly also known as petrolatum or white petrolatum is a semi solid lipid based ointment which is a mixture of long chain hydrocarbons.
MoistureWorx is a moisturizing skin protection spray containing 30% white petrolatum in a nano-particle delivery system that allows users to get the skin-protecting benefits of the ingredient without the thick and oily properties that are normally associated with it.
Barrier markets three pharmaceutical products: Xolegel (ketoconazole, USP) gel, 2%, for seborrheic dermatitis; Vusion (0.25% miconazole nitrate, 15% zinc oxide, 81.35% white petrolatum) ointment, for diaper dermatitis complicated by documented candidiasis; and Solage (mequinol 2%, tretinoin 0.01%) topical solution, for solar lentigines.
Spraker recommended 0.25% miconazole nitrate/15% zinc oxide/81.35% white petrolatum (Vusion), which received Food and Drug Administration approval last year as the only antifungal treatment for Candida diaper dermatitis in the United States.