white lung

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shock lung

in shock, the development of edema, impaired perfusion, and reduction in alveolar space so that the alveoli collapse.
Synonym(s): pump lung, wet lung (1) , white lung
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white lung

A usually fatal pneumonia that occurs in infants with congenital syphilis. The lungs are pale, airless and undergo fatty degeneration.

Adult respiratory distress syndrome, see there.
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The incidence rates of TTN are from 4.0% to 5.7% among term infants and 10.0% among premature infants.[sup][48] Because the main pathological feature of TTN is excessive water in the lung tissues, the interstitial syndrome is the most common and important ultrasonic manifestations of TTN.[sup][49] In addition, white lung or even pleural effusion can be detected in patients with severe TTN.
Twenty-three years on, Canadian trio White Lung's splenetic new album, Deep Fantasy, could be Pretty On The Inside's younger sister, a hardcore punk monument to unbridled fury that grabs at the throat, then keeps on grabbing.
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