White Liver Disease

Hepatology Fatty metamorphosis of viscera, visceral steatosis An autosomal recessive [MIM 228100], rapidly fatal condition characterised by massive hepatic—and corporal—steatosis, progressive hypotonicity, lethargy, coagulopathy and jaundice
Lab Increased TGs, chylomicrons, HDL-C, hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia
Veterinary medicine Ovine white liver disease A condition described in cobalt-deficient sheep (and goats) which is characterised by accumulation of lipid droplets and lipofuscin in hepatocytes, dissociation and necrosis of hepatocytes, unaccompanied by significant inflammation. Cobalt-depleted lambs suffered stunted growth, anorexia, lacrimation, alopecia, and eventually became emaciated
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"In the livestock, there were signs of severe cobalt deficiency and ovine white liver disease in lambs, and also white drench resistance which now requires a sustainable approach to parasite control in sheep.