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Herbal medicine
Thuja occidentalis. A tree the leaves and twigs of which contain flavonoids, glycosides, mucilage and volatile oils (primarily thujone, but also borneol, camphor, fenchone, limonene, myrcene and pinene). Thuja is anthelmintic, expectorant, and stimulates smooth muscle; it was used by Native Americans to stimulate menstruation, and has been used topically by Western herbalists for skin infections and for rheumatic pain.
A remedy used for brittle nails, caries, menstrual dysfunction, oily skin and warts.
Chinese medicine
Thuja orientalis, see there.
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There are four varieties of Atlantic white cedar swamps in Massachusetts.
Northern Atlantic white cedar swamps, which thrive at higher elevations and contain black spruce, tamarack and other distinctive plant species, are the rarest in the state.
There is evidence to suggest that toxins in white cedar may also be highly toxic to mammals, including humans.
The oldest eastern white cedar dated by the Guelph team still grows after 1,032 years of rocky life.
And even the most venerable eastern white cedar looks young next to the oldest bristlecone pine, which has grown for approximately 4,800 years, he adds.
The Guelph research team hopes to produce a similar, although shorter dendrochronology based on the eastern white cedar. Some initial details of this work appeared in the March INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLANT SCIENCES.
Yet many eastern white cedar logs remain in pristine condition more than 1,000 years after their death.
If the eastern white cedar can provide a continuous chronology to approximately 3,000 years ago, it would be a considerable advance, says Edward R.
Thus, even a relatively short chronology derived from the eastern white cedar would contribute to our knowledge of past climatic conditions.
Doug says that he has used several alternative building methods on his home and, "None of the other systems required me to go back over them to attempt to remedy their shortcomings." For over 30 years, Jaki and I have built 15 buildings, including four houses, mostly of northern white cedar, and have never had to come back over a wall for any kind of retrofit treatment.