white cedar

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Herbal medicine
Thuja occidentalis. A tree the leaves and twigs of which contain flavonoids, glycosides, mucilage and volatile oils (primarily thujone, but also borneol, camphor, fenchone, limonene, myrcene and pinene). Thuja is anthelmintic, expectorant, and stimulates smooth muscle; it was used by Native Americans to stimulate menstruation, and has been used topically by Western herbalists for skin infections and for rheumatic pain.
A remedy used for brittle nails, caries, menstrual dysfunction, oily skin and warts.
Chinese medicine
Thuja orientalis, see there.
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Yellow cedar and western red cedar were the most durable species above ground at all sites, and they stood out from the rest most strongly in Hawaii, with eastern white cedar, Douglas-fir, western larch, and tamarack all showing shorter, and similar, service lives.
Floodplain Forest White elm Green ash Manitoba maple Basswood / linden Cottonwood Peach-leaf willow Deciduous Forest, Parkland Aspen poplar Balsam poplar Green ash Bur oak Mixed and Coniferous Forest Aspen poplar Jack pine White spruce White birch Balsam fir Red pine White pine Coniferous Bog, Swamp Black spruce Tamarack / larch White cedar Table 3 Wood and charcoal remains from 19th-century archaeological sites and houses in the Red River Settlement.
Fat, dwarf Atlantic white cedars (Chamaecyparis thyoides 'Heather Bun') enclose the 10-foot-wide dining area, while ornamental grasses, shrubs, and perennials define the 12-foot-wide seating space.
Of the five habitats at ISRO, the highest mFQI (4.974) was in eastern white cedar. This is not surprising because a number of species are limited to, or preferentially found in, cedar forests (Minnesota DNR, 2003).
Photo 1 shows white cedar fence posts that were dipped in 1% CuNap.
Eastern white cedar cladding from Manitoulin Island adorns the upper portion of the facility, and wood is used throughout the building.
(Atlantic white cedar), a species that, in Alabama, is currently only known from Baldwin, Mobile, Washington, and Escambia counties.
It took craft owner Nuala three hours to carve the PatCat out of white cedar wood sourced from a local sawmill.
Similarly, Rodney, Sr., and Rodney, Jr., both like to tell people how William, their father and grandfather, respectively, carved his fan towers until his nineties, and how his hand would shake "something terrible" as he drew his knife toward the piece of white cedar. But once his blade touched wood, all trembling ceased (Yocom 2000).
White cedar planked on cypress frames and fastened by monel nails, she was built to last a long time and has never missed a tarpon fishing season in Boca Grande Pass since her construction.
Sustainably logged red cedar is a good choice in the West, Holladay says, while white cedar is a good choice in the East.
Finish off with the delicious and fruity spray infused with hints of violet, blackcurrant leaves, white cedar and heliotrope.