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To speak without phonation, as with an open posterior part of the glottis.
[A.S. hwisprian]


(hwĭs′pĕr) [AS. hwisprian]
1. Speech with a low, soft voice; a low, sibilant sound.
2. To utter in a low sound.

cavernous whisper

Direct transmission of a whisper through a cavity in auscultation.
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The patent, which was filed by Apple last year and was made public on Thursday, explained the different situations in which it would be best for Siri to whisper.
The Whispers formed in 1964 in California and were the first group to be signed to SoulTrain Records.
Abu Dhabi: Etihad Airways has launched its community outreach programme in Uganda with donations of air tickets, blankets and school supplies to the Whisper Children's Home in Mutai, in Jinja district, Uganda.
Over two days, a whisper travelled across Stockton with in a bid to spread a positive message about the town.
PURPOSE OF THE REQUEST FOR BID (RFB): The purpose of this document is to provide information for preparing and submitting a bid for the printing and binding of the book Whispers and Shadows: A Naturalist s Memoir.
Reading Whisper the Dead feels like many people's experiences with macaroons.
That's one reason so many investing insiders look to the relationship to whisper numbers instead.
The most famous example of Chinese Whispers was supposed to have happened in the First World War when an officer sent a message back: "Send reinforcements, we're going to advance.
Soft light, hushed whispers, innocence, nostalgia, hope.
But he also overhears something else--the whispers of evil.
Some 750 pupils and staff at Ysgol Glan Clwyd,St Asaph, took part in the world record bid for Chinese Whispers.
One of you whispers into the cone at one end while the other person listens at the other end.