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To speak without phonation, as with an open posterior part of the glottis.
[A.S. hwisprian]


(hwĭs′pĕr) [AS. hwisprian]
1. Speech with a low, soft voice; a low, sibilant sound.
2. To utter in a low sound.

cavernous whisper

Direct transmission of a whisper through a cavity in auscultation.
References in classic literature ?
Now," I whispered, loudly, into the saloon--too loudly, perhaps, but I was afraid I couldn't make a sound.
Our work is done," whispered the Elves, and with blessings on the two fair flowers, they flew away to other homes;--to a blind old man who dwelt alone with none to love him, till through long years of darkness and of silent sorrow the heart within had grown dim and cold.
They whispered sweet words of comfort,--how, if the darkened eyes could find no light without, within there might be never-failing happiness; gentle feelings and sweet, loving thoughts could make the heart fair, if the gloomy, selfish sorrow were but cast away, and all would be bright and beautiful.
How beautiful they are," whispered Eva, "but, dear Rose-Leaf, why do you keep them here, and why call you this your fairest sight?
Digital Assistant Providing Whispered Speech" is the title of the patent .
The documents, titled "Digital Assistant Providing Whispered Speech," details a system that would recognize when a person is using his or her regular voice or when the user is whispering by measuring an input's amplitude and frequency patterns.
Verbal communication can be carried out through different speech modalities that can be generally classified into seven categories based on the modes of speech production: whispered speech, quiet speech, normal or neutral speech, expressive speech (such as affective and emotional speech), singing, loud speech (e.
Breezes waft a nearby tree A whispered sigh 'remember me'' Hearts at home will grieve alone Daddy''s never coming home As many had you gave your life To try and stop the war torn strife We are proud of your bravery A whispered sigh 'remember me'' So on that very special day When parade and flags are on display Heads will bow as poppies fall We must remember most of all They died to protect our land So in the silence as you stand You may hear what could be A gentle whisper 'remember me'' Irene Burgess, Litherland
3 : to make a low rustling sound <The wind whispered in the trees.
The game involves people standing in a line, with a message whispered along the chain of people.
My gorgeous big boys," I whispered, choked with emotion at the miracle of reproduction.