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, whiskey (wis'kē),
An alcoholic liquid obtained by the distillation of the fermented mash of wholly or partly malted cereal grains, containing 47-53% (or higher) by volume of ethanol, at 15.56°C; it must have been stored in charred wood containers for not less than 2 years. Grains used to produce whisky are barley, maize, rye, and wheat.
[Gael, usquebaugh, water of life]
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, whisky (hwĭs′kē)
A distilled alcoholic liquor made from grain. The alcohol present is ethyl alcohol.
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I am lucky to travel reasonably often on whisky business, which is wonderful, but quite often entails staying in hotels by myself, and with increasing regularity it comprises only brief stopovers in places I'd really like to spend more time in.
The other easy starting point is the combination of oysters with whisky in the simplest of recipes.
This is why a recent release described as "Virginia-Highland whisky" has led to the SWA taking out a lawsuit in the US.
In 2018 a bottle of Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 60-year-old fetched a whopping PS848,000 at auction in Edinburgh, earning it the title of most expensive whisky.
The special cask showcase and bar opened on June 14 and allows customers to taste 21 varieties of whisky produced by Kavalan, including several rare products like the Kavalan Distillery Reserve Peaty Cask, which is usually only available in Yilan at the company's distillery.
From Wales: Penderyn Legend Single Malt Welsh Whisky (PS24, from PS32 at Asda until May 22).
'SINGLE' refers to the number of distilleries that made the whisky or whiskey, therefore a single malt is the product of just one distillery.
The whisky is a peated portwood finish and has an abv of 43%, with a delicate smoky peat and vanilla, light red berries and salted caramel on the nose.
A year since its last visit to the city, The Whisky Festival will return to Tyneside right in time forSt Patrick's weekend, taking over the Civic Centre on Saturday, March 16 for a nine hour event.
Scotch whisky is the UK's third-biggest industry, behind energy and financial services - contributing PS3.3billion to the economy every year.
class="MsoNormalI can tell you about my favourite whisky though, which happens to be a Glenfiddich.
Distinct from the whiskies of Scotland, the maturation time of OMAR Whisky from Nantou Distillery is accelerated due to the warm tropical climate.