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a means of locomotion for non-ambulatory individuals, consisting of a seat on a platform with wheels, which provides comfortable, safe sitting, and a steering mechanism. The disabled person should be evaluated by a physiatrist, physical therapist, or occupational therapist with the assistance of an equipment specialist in order to choose the right type of wheelchair. Different types have been designed for patients with quadriplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, and amputations; there are also specialized wheelchairs designed for sports, such as basketball, tennis, long distance running, and sprints.
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(wēl′châr′, hwēl′-)
A chair mounted on large wheels, used primarily by people who cannot walk or have difficulty walking.
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Q. My friend has Progressive MS, he is bound to a wheelchair, Prognosis? How can I help? He must be moved by a Hoyer Lift, he has caregivers. He has a beautiful voice and does have enough ability to move in his chair around local community. He has some bad days with spacicity, I want to help but am unsure as to how? He is 60? or so and lives on his own, he has had MS for many years and a number of complications, such as pneumonia and decubitus. Please help me to help him!

A. There are a number of ideas and resources for social and recreational activities (i.e. wheelchair sports, dancing, travel, aviation, etc.) that may be helpful, which can be found at www.mobility-advisor.com.

Q. Do you want to end because of a vaccination in a wheel chair? It is already about 12 years ago. I met a mother with her kids. One came always in a wheel chair to the services. His terrible story is still in my mind. It could be shown, that because of a vaccination he got the cytomegalovirus infection (CMV) and then spastic paralysis.

A. Corrigendum: If you know somebody speaking German and English who could...

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