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Involuntary release of urine; urinary incontinence. See: enuresis; nocturia
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Q. Can I catch pneumonia, if I go outside with wet hair? My Mother used to tell me when I was a kid that if I go outside with wet hair, I will catch pneumonia. Is this true?

A. Are you seiously, Ann? I mean, I'm sure y're wet hair make Pneumonia?...I sorry this is not true.

Q. why is it bad to walk outside with wet hair after you have taken a shower , when it's clod out side? what can happen to me if i will do it ?

A. I've done this several times. The few times, my mother told me not to, I caught a cold.

Q. My brother is a heavy alcoholic. He has very recently been diagnosed with wet brain. My brother is a heavy alcoholic. He has very recently been diagnosed with wet brain. I am wondering what this wet brain is all about?

A. It known as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome also referred to as wet brain often is seen in later stage alcoholics. This condition shows up on an MRI as a smaller less functional brain. The symptoms such as short term memory loss, inability to learn new things, inability to concentrate or focus could apply to a lot of things. I have never known people actually diagnosed with this. This knowledge I gained through surfing the net.

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Different studies have been conducted to investigate the emitters wetting pattern.
The irrigation frequency also plays a vital role in wetting pattern.
Among the applications of soil wetting agents -which include turf care and agriculture- turf care accounted for the largest market share, followed by agriculture.
"Liquid soil wetting agents lead the market with the largest share."
Fmax theor = maximum theoretical wetting force, [micro]N/mm
d = density of eutectic SnPb37 solder at 245[degrees]C (8110 kg/[m.sup.3]) for perfect wetting
One would expect that the directed orientation of the silane molecule, even by association, would make it act as a wetting agent, pacifying the polar sites on the surface of the silica.
Intrinsic wetting ability of solder alloys is an important performance property that directly affects the integrity of solder interconnections.
Wetting can be described in terms of a drop of liquid on a surface.
* Matte Time Test--indicates the coating's substrate wetting properties and a correlation to drying time by measuring the time it takes for the applied coating to lose its wet, glossy look and take on a matte finish.
The quantitative study of wetting phenomena dates from the beginning of the 19th century when Young in England[3] and Laplace[4] in France considered what happens when a liquid is placed in contact with a solid.
Recently, wetting balance was used to evaluate the wetting properties of several alternative solder alloys and, in particular, lead-free solders.