wettable sulfur

wet·ta·ble sul·fur

sulfur prepared from calcium polysulfide solution containing a protective colloid such as casein; it is easily dispersed and suspended in water.
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The sulfur used in these studies was Snake Eyes Brand, Hi-Yield Dusting & Wettable Sulfur (Voluntary Purchasing Group, Bonham, Texas, USA) and also is sold for pest control.
The foundation of a strong powdery mildew program is early season sprays with wettable sulfur or Stylet oil when vines have 3 to 6 inches of growth.
Things like highly scented deodorant soap, rotten eggs, ammonia, wettable sulfur, garlic, clumps of human hair and even cheap perfume or aftershave tend to turn deer away.
Cerexagri-Nisso LLC, King Of Prussia, PA, announces that two of its products, Microthiol Disperss (micronized wettable sulfur) and Firewall (streptomycin) have received organic status.
During the growing season, spray foliage with a wettable sulfur, or a fungicide such as triforine.
Unti Vineyards, outside Healdsburg, Calif., changed from a mineral oil program to wettable sulfur for powdery mildew control in their organic 60-acre vineyard.
Otherwise, apply low-toxicity wettable sulfur to the foliage (be sure to cover the bottoms of the leaves) to keep this disease in check.
Organic growers realized that relying simply on sulfur dusting or wettable sulfur for powdery mildew control wasn't the perfect system--dusting could cause mite flare ups (almost impossible to control in an organic vineyard), and too much residue of wettable sulfur could result in reduced odors in the wine.
If you catch mites early, keep them in check with a high-pressure water spray or a low-toxicity spray like wettable sulfur.
If you have struggled with powdery mildew in previous seasons, applying wettable sulfur spray during the first 6 inches of growth is an excellent practice, especially if rain occurs after bud break.
I treat mine not only with twice yearly sprayings of miscible oil (once in spring just as the buds begin to swell, another just after they have cracked open but before the petals have popped out), but I follow the oil on the second go-round with a spray of wettable sulfur and rotenone.
Apply wettable sulfur at the highest rate right after bud break, before shoots have started to grow.